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Fed up with being a Philadelphia Landlord?

Let’s face it: it takes a lot of time, money, energy, and patience to keep up with rental properties. Sometimes rental properties end up being money pits. Between constantly damaged or breaking appliances, plumbing and electrical issues, clean-outs and fix ups for rental transitions, it can quickly spiral out of control. Don’t forget all the money you put into insurance, taxes, licenses and inspections, and other upkeep costs.

Nightmare tenants break rules, cause damage, don’t pay rent on time (or ever), nitpick over everything and create problems with the neighbors. This can sometimes lead to costly legal and court fees in order to resolve the issues. One bad tenant can ruin months or even years of hard-earned cash flow. Sometimes it just isn't worth it.

Sometimes a property suddenly isn’t renting and you are stuck with an empty house and footing a big bill. It could be just bad luck, or maybe it’s from the need for major repairs to your property or a fluctuation in the local economic condition. On top of it all, you are devoting a sizeable portion of your valuable time to each rental property for one reason or another.

Who needs all the stress and headache that come with being a landlord? Say goodbye to the Philadelphia landlord blues and call us today!

If you are thinking about selling your Philadelphia area property and want to receive a get a no-obligation cash offer, call us now at 215-399-0050. Whether or not you decide to work with us is up to you!

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