Can I Sell My House With a Foreclosure in New Jersey?

Can I Sell My House With a Foreclosure in New Jersey?

If you’re wondering, “Can I sell my house with a foreclosure in New Jersey,” you are undoubtedly in a difficult situation. Hopefully, we can help you out and provide some relief. The good news is that you can still sell your home as long as it hasn’t gone to auction yet. Also, the earlier you get started, the easier the process will be, so even though you may be tempted to put it off, try to stay ahead of the game.

If you are a seller in this market, you may be becoming discouraged and wonder how you can just sell your New Jersey house fast.

If you are dealing with a foreclosure, you also most likely want to try and get as much for your house as possible. However, due to impact of foreclosure in New Jersey, many sellers in the area who hold out for the price they want are getting little action and no offers at all… sometimes leaving the house on the market for months on end. It can be quite hard to find the sweet spot of getting the desired price for your home, but also selling before the house goes to auction.

How Foreclosures Have Driven Local Housing Prices Down

When the housing market crashed and the foreclosures began to roll in, it flooded the real estate market in New Jersey. That means that there is more inventory on the market. When that happens, that drives the price of everyone’s house down because there are more options (at lower prices) for buyers out there.

When there is more inventory than buyers, it devalues the homes for sale.

The jury is still out on whether we’ve climbed out of this foreclosure hole or not.  There are still lots of foreclosure houses in the New Jersey area and the banks are still holding many many area homes in their own inventory that aren’t even for sale yet.

But, there are some things you can do in this market to reach your goals with selling your house.

Selling Your House In A High Foreclosure Market

If you need to sell your house in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure, we can help. Especially in a market with a high number of foreclosures due to the economy, sometimes the market can become flooded, driving the price of your home down even further.

If you DO need to sell your house fast… we believe we are your best option! With a realtor, if you are trying to sell your home quickly, you will most likely have to sell your home at a large discount. Then on top of that discount, you’ll be paying the real estate agent commissions. At the end of the day, you are losing money on both ends of the deal.

With Property Buyer Connect, not only can we eliminate many steps, we can usually make you a cash offer within 24 hours for a fair price. We buy your home directly, so there’s no waiting for a buyer or having to show your home. We also take care of any repairs or cleaning.

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