Lehigh Valley Spotlight: Allentown, PA

Lehigh Valley Spotlight: Allentown, PA

The most populated area in Lehigh Valley and third largest city in Pennsylvania is Allentown. Recently, there has been a marked increase in interest and influx of new residents to the area. So, what is brining so many people to Allentown?

Allentown is a hub of commerce, culture, and community. Whether you are a young professional looking to start your career, a family looking for a safe and welcoming community, or a retiree looking for a place to enjoy your golden years, Allentown has something to offer everyone.

In fact, Allentown was just ranked 9 th ‘Best Places to Retire’, 23 rd ‘Safest Places to Live’ and 111 th ‘Best Places to Live’ in the country by U.S. News & World Reports for 2022-2023. Below, we will further explore some of the many benefits of living in Allentown, PA.

Great Place to Retire

From its plethora of activities for seniors to enjoy to it’s vibrant art scene and more, Allentown is a wonderful place to settle in for retirement. The city’s plentiful entertainment and recreation options make maintaining an active lifestyle a breeze. Allentown also boasts numerous options for healthcare facilities and hospitals where you can select the perfect fit for high-quality health care from a wide variety of doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals.

A Welcoming Community

Allentown offers a bit of something for everyone. From parks, museums, music festivals, culture, theatres, and a vast array of dining options, there are activities to enjoy for Allentown’s diverse residents of all ages. With easy access to Philadelphia, New York City, the Jersey Shore, and even Washington DC, Allentown is a fantastic home-base for anyone wanting to further enrich the assorted art, culture, and entertainment options available to them. Affordable housing further elevates this wonderful community, making it even easier to call it home.

Recreational Opportunities and Entertainment

With thousands of acres of public parks, Allentown boasts more acres of parkland per capita than any other American city it’s size. You can enjoy hiking, biking, and running trails, parks, and gardens. Fun doesn’t stop at the park, there are also spectator sports, world-class golf,
outdoor adventures, and even renowned music festivals. Enjoy a night on the town at the Miller Symphony Hall or catch a show at one of the city’s Theatres. Spend a day at the Allentown Arts walk, then stop by a historic museum or keep your eye to the future for the opening of
Archer Music Hall in 2024.

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