How Is Property Buyer Connect Different From Other Home Buyers?

How Is Property Buyer Connect Different From Other Home Buyers?

At Property Buyer Connect, we strive to make the home selling process as easy and straightforward as possible for you. We recognize that the traditional home selling process is not ideal for most people. This is especially true in more recent times when most people turn to the Internet as a sort of one stop shop. While we still always recommend getting more than one estimate for something as significant as selling your home, we try to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Property Buyer Connect Doesn’t Charge Any Fees

One of the most dreaded aspects of the traditional home selling process is paying significant fees to a realtor. At Property Buyer Connect, we never charge you any fees when buying your home. There are no commissions or hidden costs – we give you a price up front for your home and that’s the amount you receive! We always give you a fair, reasonable offer for your home so you can get cash in your hands quickly.

No Repair Costs

Many people turn to Property Buyer Connect when they are looking to sell a home that may be in need of extensive repairs or cleaning. Repairs are both expensive and time consuming – not too mention a huge headache to have to deal with. If you’ve ever dealt with home repairs or projects before, you know how even the most simple of tasks can turn into huge projects. Property Buyer Connect buys your home as-is, meaning we deal with any repairs, cleaning, or renovations that may be needed. This not only keeps more cash in your pocket, but helps you get out of your current home as quickly as possible.

Selling Your Home To Property Buyer Connect Is Quick

Typically, selling your home can take multiple months. Not only does the process usually get dragged out for longer than it needs, but you also have to wait for a buyer. Even with a highly desirable property, you may have to wait for someone willing to pay the price that you are asking. Of course, you are also at the mercy of the current market, which may or may not be favorable. Finally, you don’t have to deal with strangers constantly coming in to view your home while you are still living there. You can simply move into your new house without waiting as long as you normally would with the typical home selling process.

At Property Buyer Connect, we are experts at making the home selling process as quick and simple as possible for you. We only work in a few areas to ensure that we are extremely proficient with all of the rules and processes in those specific areas. Currently, we buy homes in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware, and Lehigh Valley.

We buy all types of properties – not just homes. If you have an empty lot, squatter occupied property, commercial building, Property Buyer Connect will make you an offer. If you are considering selling your property – we can help. We simply give you a cash offer for your home and then take care of the rest once you approve. All of our offers are no obligation, so if you aren’t happy with our offer, you can simply let us know. 

If you are looking to buy, sell, or anything in between, give us a no obligation call (215)-770-3122, or send us a message online and we will get back to you ASAP!