Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent to Buy an Investment Property?

Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent to Buy an Investment Property?

More and more people are looking to buy an investment property now that prices are starting to cool down. One of the most common questions we see are, “Do I need a buyer’s agent to buy an investment property?” 

To answer the question – No, you don’t need a buyer’s agent to purchase an investment property. In reality, you do not need a buyer’s agent to buy any type of property – as long as you are comfortable doing the work they normally would. 

How Do I Buy An Investment Property Without A Buyer’s Agent?

As we mentioned, you can buy a property without an agent, but there are some things you need to do. Let’s take a look at what you will need.Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent to Buy an Investment Property?

The main things you need to buy an investment property are the following: 

  • Funding (either cash or a lender)
  • A contract between you and the seller
  • A title company to help facilitate the transaction 
  • A third party to help look the place over, if you feel it’s necessary 
  • An insurance agent 

That’s it! 


This can be as simple as having cash in your bank account, or having a lender lined up. If you don’t have a lender, you can start by asking for referrals, contacting a few local credit unions, or searching for hard money or investment property lenders online. 

Here is a list of local credit unions. As always, do your research, but these are a good starting point. 

Local Credit Unions in Philadelphia 

TruMark Financial Credit Union (Greater Philadelphia, multiple locations)
Philadelphia Financial Credit Union

Local Credit Unions in Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton) 

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union (Emmaus)
People’s First Federal Credit Union (Bethlehem)
First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union (Allentown)

Local Credit Unions in Delaware (Wilmington Area) 

Del-One Financial Credit Union (Wilmington, multiple locations throughout Delaware)
Dexsta Federal Credit Union (Wilmington)


An agreement of sale is required to purchase a property. As a buyer, you are to fill out the agreement, and deliver it to the seller or the seller’s agent. If you are not using a buyer’s agent, this is up to you. Find a document you are comfortable with. You may have to consult a lawyer to help you with this. 

If you buy a property through Property Buyer Connect, this step has already been taken care of by us! If you want to purchase a property with us, you simply review our agreement, and sign it at the price that we agreed you will pay for the property. 

Title Company

A title company is used to facilitate the transaction between the buyer and seller. They help coordinate the closing of deal, gather all necessary documents, and help insure the buyer against future claims on the property. There are many title companies out there. Again, you can ask for referrals, or just call some local ones up, or find their reviews online. 

With Property Buyer Connect, we have our own list of title companies, and order title as soon as we have a property under contract. As a Property Buyer Connect buyer, you will have direct access to a great title company, without having to do any searching! 

A third party to help look the place over, if you feel it’s necessary 

Many investment properties are sold as-is. This is especially true in our local areas of Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, and South Jersey. You may have a window for a due diligence period, in which you can go inspect the property yourself. If you’re not comfortable doing that, you may want to bring a contractor or someone who knows properties well to inspect the property. However, with strict timelines and other eager buyers, sometimes this is not possible. 

An Insurance Agent

This could be your own insurance agent, or a referral. Most home insurance companies also offer construction and rental policies. 

Final Steps of Buying an Investment Property

So, you’ve done your research, evaluated some deals, chose an area, chose a property type, and you’re ready to make a move. You’ve found a great property. Maybe this property is even in the Wilmington Delaware, Lehigh Valley, or Philadelphia areas! You want to make an offer. If you’ve followed the steps above, go for it! 

If you are a Property Buyer Connect buyer, this process will be a bit smoother for you. We find the property, agree on a price with you, and help you facilitate the transaction. You just need to have everything else lined up!

Property Buyer Connect Can Help You Find An Investment Property

At Property Buyer Connect, we link up with people who are trying to sell their homes fast for cash, without any real estate agent or extra fees. Our professional team is working around the clock with sellers to help them in any situation. 

We are the premier property buyer in the Greater Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and Wilmington Delaware, and South New Jersey areas. We look at any property type – residential houses, apartments, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, land, you name it! 

If you are looking to buy, sell, or anything in between, give us a no obligation call (215)-770-3122, or send us a message online and we will get back to you ASAP!