How To Get Rid of a Squatter Occupied Property

How To Get Rid of a Squatter Occupied Property

How to get rid of a squatter occupied property

One extremely common question we get asked is, “Can I sell a squatter owned property?” In a city like Philadelphia, squatter occupied properties are pretty common. We have purchased multiple properties inhabited by squatters from clients. Dealing with squatters can be a very drawn out and frustrating process. Luckily, we can save you the frustration by buying your squatter occupied property from you.

Today’s video features a squatter occupied property we purchased on West Stiles St. in West Philadelphia. As is the case with many squatter occupied properties, it was a complicated situation. The occupant was taking care of the elderly person who lived in the home. When the elderly person moved out of the home to receive care, the occupant stayed. However, the occupant did not have a lease or formal agreement with the owner to stay.

Coming to an Agreement

We negotiated a “cash for keys” agreement with the occupants and were able to pay them enough for a security deposit as well as first month and last month’s rent on a new apartment on Girard Ave in West Philadelphia. It worked out well for the occupant, since they were just looking for an inexpensive and clean place to live. We were able to negotiate a lease with their new landlord and find them other
housing without having to go through legal means.

In addition to the squatter, this property was in disrepair. The roof was leaking, there were issues with the kitchen and several other things throughout the house. We renovated the property extensively into a 2 bed, 1 bath home with laundry. It’s now being rented out to a new tenant! Check out the below video a walkthrough of the property.

Squatter occupied and difficult tenant situations are common in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Selling your property fast can be near impossible and costly if you decide to go the legal route. It will cost thousands of dollars in legal fees, missed rent, insurance payments, tax payments, and not to mention it will take months for the ejectment process to play out.

If you are dealing with a squatter occupied property or any difficult situation, give us a call and we’d be happy to help. Call us at 215-770-3122 or message us online today.