We Bought a Property!

Check out this featured property we purchased on Ludlow St. in West Philadelphia. This was a bit of a unique situation. The occupant and their family were looking to downsize and move out of the city. They wanted to cash out of their property while getting a head start on looking for a new place.

We negotiated an agreement with the occupant and allowed them to stay and lease back the property for two months. They agreed that would be enough time for them to find a new property and move out.

This West Philly property seems to be in good shape. The siding on the back is new, it has a garage, and it’s centrally located – right near Market St, which is convenient for public transportation. 

The seller was not sure what to do with their property since they had an abnormal situation. Fortunately for them, we were there to provide a solution. We deal with all sorts of situations, and have a professional team that is there to help no matter the situation. 

If you are an owner occupant thinking about selling your house by yourself, or FSBO, give us a call and we’d be happy to explain to you the pros and cons of that strategy. Call us at 215-770-3122 or message us online today.