Is it a Good Time to Sell Your Home?

Is it a good time to sell your home

To say 2020 was a little crazy would be putting it lightly. Even with COVID-19 affecting all of us, there were many other newsworthy events this past year. The stock market hit record highs and mortgage rates hit record lows. Many savvy homeowners took advantage of this to sell their home for a great profit.…

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What is Escrow in a Mortgage?

What is escrow

When it comes to buying a home for the first time, you will undoubtedly hear many terms and phrases that you may not recognize. One of the most common questions is what is escrow in a mortgage? After all, it may be a significant amount. So, it makes sense to want to understand exactly what…

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Selling a House with a Lien in Philadelphia

Selling a House with a Lien

Selling a house with a lien in Philadelphia can add even more pressure to an already stressful process. There will always be surprises when selling a house, both on the buying end and the selling end, and a lien is definitely one that can be a deal breaker. Just like anything else, if you take…

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Why Sell Your Home to an Investor?

Many people are at least somewhat familiar with the traditional method of selling your home through an agent. While many are aware that there are alternatives, they don’t know the benefits. So why sell your home to an investor like Property Buyer Connect over using a traditional selling agent? While each option has its own…

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Can You Sell Your Home During Covid-19?

Can You Sell Your Home During Covid-19? As we move into the second month of quarantining during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are looking for ways to safely get back to normal life. People have had to put big life events on hold during this time. Normal events such as weddings, vacations, and even…

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Sell Your House Now To Avoid a Sheriff (Tax) Sale

What is a Philadelphia Sheriff Sale? A property is forced into a tax sale by the City of Philadelphia if the owner fails to make payment arrangements for unpaid debt. The debt can be unpaid water bills, sewer bills, school taxes, or property taxes. If the property is forced into the sale it goes into…

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Sell A House Fast in Philadelphia: 5 Tips For Success

Considering selling your house and want to do it as quickly as possible? Of course! Most people want that. We buy and sell houses all the time and have some proven tips on how to sell a house fast in Philadelphia… or any other town or city. We use these tips every time we sell a house we’ve fixed…

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We Buy Houses In Philadelphia Scams and How To Avoid Them

Have those advertisements for people saying, ‘We Buy Houses in Philadelphia’ caught your eye and made you question whether they are we buy houses scams? This is a very real concern for people considering this kind of service. Trying to sell your house fast in Philadelphia? Are you concerned that you might get taken advantage of or have the…

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