What You Should Know About Working With A Real Estate Agent in New Jersey

Do you need to sell your New Jersey property? We have 5 things homeowners should know about working with a real estate agent to help sell your house. 

When most people think of selling their homes, the first thought is to call up a realtor. However, there are some things you may not realize about working with a realtor. It is not always a smooth process, and finding a trustworthy realtor is extremely important.

It Can Get Expensive

One thing that surprises many people is how quickly the costs can add up. Just make sure that you are aware of all of the costs that typically go into a successful listing if you decide to sell your house with a New Jersey real estate agent.  Aside from the high cost that will be deducted from your offer when the house sells, you will have other expenses to deal with before your house even hits the market. To compete with other sellers, you most likely need to make some repairs as well as have your home professionally cleaned.  There may be costs such as professional photography and staging as well. You may even have your own inspection done prior to listing so you’re aware of any possible issues. All of these costs can easily reached thousands of dollars easily.

Selling With A Realtor Isn’t A Quick Process

It will typically take much longer for a traditional sale to be completed as opposed to a direct sale as this varies based on your area and the demand.  According to statistics, houses will take over two months to get an offer. While your house is listed, you will still have to pay taxes, maintenance, your mortgage, utilities, and insurance. Not to mention, you will have no idea how long the sale can take, giving you zero ability to plan ahead. Even with an offer being accepted quickly, especially in New Jersey, there are many steps that have to be completed before a house is sold. This includes attorneys, inspections, and other possible processes like oil tank scan and radon checks. Don’t miss out on your dream property because your house is caught up in a listing agreement that doesn’t make sense.

Not Every Realtor Gets a 5-Star Rating

It is unfortunate, but there are many realtors that are only in it for themselves. They may push you to sell your house for a lower price in order to sell your home quicker. On the other hand, they may also push you to make certain repairs or upgrades to try to get more money for your home. This may not benefit you much in the long run, plus you will be paying all the fees associated with living in your home while the repairs are being done. They may take on too many clients, just to maximize their commissions. If you decide to list your house with a real estate agent in New Jersey make sure to do research to find someone reputable.

Your House May Not Sell

At the end of the day, you have no guarantee to sell your home with a realtor. As time goes on, you will almost definitely be forced to lower your price or accept an offer that you aren’t truly happy with. In this case, you lose the money from your anticipated selling price, as well as whatever mortgage, taxes, and utilities accumulated during this time. If you already moved into a new home, you will have been paying two mortgages! Working with a real estate agent in New Jersey is no guarantee if or when you will receive an offer. With Property Buyer Connect, not only do you know exactly how much you will get for your home up-front, but the process can be done in less than a month in most cases.

You Have Other Options

For certain houses and situations, investing money into the property before selling it can be a huge waste. The good news is that a selling your home through a realtor is not your only option in New Jersey. With all of the potential costs we discussed, you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars – all for a process that isn’t even as quick as the alternative. With Property Buyer Connect, there are no surprises and you can move on to your new home quick. There are no fees or other expenses to worry about.

Our process to get a cash offer on your home is quick, free, and no-obligation. It only makes sense to have us give you an offer on your South Jersey home so you have a baseline for comparison. Many homeowners assume that they will lose money when selling their home to a home buyer, but in our experience, after all of the additional costs of a realtor, that isn’t the case. Contact us today to get your no-obligation cash offer on your South Jersey home.