Sell Your House Now To Avoid a Sheriff (Tax) Sale

What is a Philadelphia Sheriff Sale?

A property is forced into a tax sale by the City of Philadelphia if the owner fails to make payment arrangements for unpaid debt. The debt can be unpaid water bills, sewer bills, school taxes, or property taxes. If the property is forced into the sale it goes into public auction where hundreds of buyers have a chance to bid on the property to take ownership of it. For more details on how exactly the process works, visit the official Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office website.

Property Buyer Connect provides an opportunity for homeowners that are delinquent in their taxes to sell before the tax sale. This provides an opportunity for the homeowner to recoup some money instead of losing the property to the city (or their neighbor who bid on the property). Often times the city will even sell the property in excess of the amount of liens on the property. That excess money is rightfully due to the homeowner, but often the City of Philadelphia will not pay the money. Property Buyer Connect can solve sheriff sale problems by purchasing the property before it goes into sheriff sale.