Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Philadelphia and New Jersey

Everybody remembers buying their first home. Most look back on that experience and pick out mistakes they made and things they would do differently. Similarly, this happens when most people sell their home for the first time. We wanted to compile some tips for first time home sellers, especially in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. Hopefully this will save you some trouble, even if this isn’t your first time selling your home.

Price out repairs

Whether you plan to make repairs before you sell your home or not, you need to estimate the costs for any necessary repairs. You obviously need to know these costs if you are going to take care of them before listing your home. Many people make the mistake of listing their home without doing the repairs, and having no idea how much the repairs would cost. When it comes to negotiations, the potential buyer will most likely ask for discounts so they can complete the repairs. The problem arises when they come to you with a ballpark figure for repairs and you have no idea how accurate their estimates are.

Prepare the home

Besides actual repairs, there are other items you need to take care of. First, you should have your home professionally cleaned. This includes getting rid of any clutter or stored items that may be an eyesore to potential home buyers. Any extra items should be put into storage or moved into your new home if you already have a new place. Any older or damaged furniture should also be removed as it may give a negative first impression. These steps may be costly and take a lot of effort, but in a competitive selling market, you have to make your home stand out.

Estimate your selling price

This can lead you down a rabbit hole, but try to keep it simple. Look online at similar houses in your area that have sold recently. If you are able to view old listings that include interior pictures, you can estimate price differences in your home versus their home. Also be sure to check out any exterior upgrades or features. Then, factor in fees, commissions, repairs, and marketing costs.

Consider alternative options

Although we’ve given you a few tips for first time home sellers, these are only the most important. You may have decided that the costs, effort, and time to take care of these items is not something you feel like dealing with. You aren’t alone! Many homeowners are deciding that the traditional method of selling their home does not meet their needs. Especially in areas like Philadelphia and New Jersey, where we are accustomed to a fast paced life – there are better options.

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