Why Sell Your Home to an Investor?

Many people are at least somewhat familiar with the traditional method of selling your home through an agent. While many are aware that there are alternatives, they don’t know the benefits. So why sell your home to an investor like Property Buyer Connect over using a traditional selling agent? While each option has its own pros and cons, we’ve worked hard to deliver the best of both worlds when it comes to selling your Philadelphia home.

Why Choose A Traditional Realtor?

Many people choose to use an agent because it seems like the easiest option. You see realtor advertisements countless times a day and they are just a phone call away. They work as part of nation-wide firms with recognizable names and logos. Realtors are sometimes able to get higher final selling prices because of their marketing exposure and brand. If your home is updated, cleaned, and in top condition, realtors are often able to get top dollar.

Additionally, realtors have worked to make the process as hands-off as possible for the buyer. Paperwork, marketing, and showing your home are handled by the realtor versus if you were to sell your home on your own. As the seller, you are responsible for the commission to the agents, which covers all of these items. With an average rate of 6% of the sale, it can be a large amount of money depending on the selling price of your home.

Why Sell Your Home to an Investor?

Property Buyer Connect has worked to bridge the gap between using a traditional realtor and selling your home by yourself. For example, just like a regular realtor, Property Buyer Connect will take care of any paperwork. You won’t have to worry about walk-throughs – no strangers walking through your home at random times of the day! Furthermore, you won’t have to take care of expensive repairs or cleaning your home to perfect condition before the sale. This is especially common in Philadelphia, with many older and historic homes that can be expensive and time consuming to bring up to date.

Another reason why people sell to an investor such as Property Buyer Connect is the massive time savings! For example, you may be in one of the following situations:

  • Unwanted property
  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • Cannot afford any longer
  • Selling inherited property
  • Moving
  • Going through a divorce

Selling your home with a traditional realtor can take months, and even then, there is no guarantee of a sale. With Property Buyer Connect, the process usually takes less than a month and can sometimes even be done in just days. When you consider the extra costs of your home (bills, mortgage, taxes, insurance) during the time it takes to sell traditionally, it can wind up being quite a significant amount of money.

While the final selling price of your home may be higher with a realtor, after factoring in the additional time and costs, it may not even be worth it. Commissions, fees, repairs, cleaning costs are all things you don’t have to worry about when dealing with Property Buyer Connect.

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